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Re: Sudety MTB Challenge 2018

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MTB Challenge probleem on olnud kogu aeg logistika. Ilma saateautota on võimalik aga ebamugav. Sel aastal kasutasime 4 hotelli. Järgmisel aastal on neil plaanis midagi muuta:

Sudety MTB Challenge got everybody used to being a classic MTB stage race, with a daily start and finish in different places. We’re turning this order upside down next year! Why? We want to cut down the logistics connected with the transfers between different locations, and constant packing and unpacking, day by day. This is why next year we will introduce new race formula with less locations! Along with the totally rearranged routes of stages, this will really be the true MTB bomb!

As we are designing the new race’s route, there is basically one rule that we follow - MAXIMIZE THE FLOW! We are really looking forward to avoid really steep unrideable sections, where participants have to dismount and push the bikes uphill or riding through boring fire road or asphalt transfers. We're focusing on super fluent ride on great paths, without “hardcore” uphill walking, "road racing" or "gravel grinding". 

We know that for many riders the participation in the Challenge is the first visit in this region of Poland (or a first visit in Poland at all!). That’s why we are preparing a range attractions in the after-racing time to let your body and soul recover. More info to come! Follow our website and facebook fan page! 


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